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The Home of Sculpture: Q&A with Caroline Worthington

Founded in 1905, the Royal Society of Sculptors has a long history as a leading centre for contemporary sculpture and 3D art. Today, they welcome everyone to join in the conversation and experience a diverse range of work, through their exciting programme of exhibitions, artists’ talks and creative workshops.

The RBS current exhibition is part of the RA250 UK exhibitions and events, and features photographs of sculptor academicians in their studios, along with a loan from the collection of a work by Cathie Pilkington.

We talk to Caroline Worthington, Director of the Royal Society Of Sculptors and Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend Advisory Board member, about the Society’s long history in the borough and their exciting plans for the future:


What do you feel the borough of Kensington & Chelsea has given to the world in terms of artistic legacy?

The borough is one of the great cultural hubs in the UK, from Albertopolis to the Royal Court theatre and the Notting Hill Carnival. It is a true melting pot of ideas, creativity, languages and culture.

What can you tell us about the projects you’re going to be working on for Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend?

The Royal Society of Sculptors will open the doors of its historic HQ, Dora House on Saturday and Sunday for the Kensington & Chelsea art weekend, when we invite visitors to see our members’ Summer Exhibition.

We have something else in the pipeline but it isn't public yet, so I can't really say…

Tell us about your organisation and its mission?

The Royal Society of Sculptors was created more than 100 years ago to champion contemporary sculpture and the artists who create it. Today, we welcome everyone interested in exploring this art form and its many possibilities.

What is your link to the area and its heritage?

For the last century Dora House has been occupied by architects, painters, designers and sculptors (including Cecil Thomas who gifted the building to the Society). Much of the rear of the house is a pair of early Georgian semi-detached villas, but the ornate front dates from 1885 when it was remodelled to create a grand studio for the photographers, Elliot and Fry. Since 1967 the building has been the head-quarters for the Royal Society of Sculptors.

What is your favourite cultural hot spot or art gallery in the borough?

I have loved the theatre since I first donned ballet shoes as a small child, so I would have to say the Royal Court.

What is your future vision and how could you see K&C improve ?

We have big plans to restore and transform Dora House as the home of sculpture and a place for sculptors. But that requires a big fundraising campaign first!


Dora House

108 Old Brompton Road




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