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Please submit your poem below to be reviewed by our Poetry Corner Partnership organisation, Kamitan Arts.


Please note that Poetry Corner encourages submissions from all people who live or work in Kensington + Chelsea (or on the borders with K&C) who would like to test their skills at writing poetry - whether they are an aspiring poet, a child or an adult - all poems will be reviewed by our professional poets!

Please make sure your poem links to our overarching theme Changing Landscapes, avoids politics, violence, racism, any politically incorrect references or cruelty. Our Poetry Corner aims to highlight positive human attributes and allows for all members of our society to take part.

Selected poems will be distributed across a number of local venues, printed in our Guide and added to our website. In addition, Kamitan Arts hopes to host one poetry circle where live reading will be encouraged.

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Thank you for your poem! Kamitan Arts and our advisory board members will review and notify successful candidates after the submission deadline, mid-May.

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