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Suhaylah H.jpg
Suhaylah H. @ TRI YOGA
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Though investigating everything from figuration to total abstraction, Suhaylah H. is consistently drawn back to landscapes as a means of exploring the connection between material and immaterial worlds.

Her studies in Environmental Geography and Comparative Literature at university fuelled her obsession with the intersection of landscape and Symbolism. Suhaylah is fond of the term ‘dreamscapes’ frequently given to her art, especially as she often references scenes or ideas from her subconscious. 

The gestures and materials Suhaylah uses in drawing and painting go a long way to maintaining this state of mind and space. It is a subtle creative balance, using the immediacy and density of oil pastels to bring about something ruminative and fluid.

Sophy Bristol.jpg
Sophie Bristol @ KNIGHT FRANK
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Sophy is a South London based artist. She explores the visually dramatic effects in her beautifully crafted paintings, light is a predominate interest. Following her graduation from UCA Farnham in 1995 she painted in South Africa on and off for 10 years, which has been a great influence, where she was artist is residence at Ida’s Valley Homestead.

Since then she has paintied full time while having a family. She has exhibited many times over the last 25 years and her last major show was at D Contemporary, Mayfair was in 2019. Locally she exhibits at Jane Newbery Dulwich and Etage 2 Crystal Palace. In September she exhibited at St John’s Smith Square in Westminster.

Henrietta MacPhee.jpg
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Henrietta MacPhee (b.1985, London) is an artist whose practise is centred in clay. Blending the visual and tangible she creates entertaining illusions and a sense of complexity that traverses the border between 2D and 3D. Through a fresh child-like perspective of the world, she portrays scenes of poetic tenderness and humour, interweaving metaphors for embracing life’s diversity of peoples and their cultures.


Her work has been selected for a number of prestigious shows in the UK including ‘Artworks’ organised by the Barbican Arts Group and presenting her work at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales as one of four artists selected for the Emerging Makers Award in 2019.

Ella Luben.jpg
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Ella Luben is an artist based in London whose work explores the relationship between architectonic space, place and time.


The paintings hold a type of tension, a push and pull where edges meet, lines blur and access to the previous layer or space are revealed through vivid openings. The process of reduction and re-layering plays out in different ways, with distance, depth and flatness appearing in different forms. Luben allows the surface to become a place for reflection, where the lines are blurred between the distance of familiar spaces both past and present. The properties of the paintings shift, with the surface, layers, density and composition depending upon her surroundings, however, they are never fully locatable within the painted space. 

Rene Gonzalez.jpg
Rene Gonzalez @ LOVE MY HUMAN
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Bio Rene is a London based artist of Latino background who started painting in the graffiti art scene in Costa Rica as a teenager, before moving to the UK to undertake a BA in Fine Art Painting at City & Guilds of London Art School.


He has exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries across the UK, Europe, and America. He was awarded first place in the Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Art Prize 2015, creating a commissioned twenty-meter painting for it, among other awards he’s received.

He produced a mural displayed at the Seven Dials legendary Covent Garden junction in 2020, has collaborations with the likes of Clarks, Vans and the NBA to create unique artworks for charity and his work has been featured in media such as i-D Vice, DATEAGLE Art, Art Maze Mag and Fad Magazine.

Niamh Birch.jpg
Niamh Birch @ CHINTI & PARKER
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Underpinned by a light-heartedness and humour, Niamh Birch’s subject matter nods towards traditional still life whilst addressing everyday associations through mischievous imagery, domestic spaces and thick, impasto lines.


Somewhat reminiscent of Picasso in their juvenility whilst her use of colour and texture is considered. Using mainly oil based materials and collage on canvas and paper, Niamh works from a combination of imagination, memory, drawings and photographs.

Claire Shakepere .jpg
Claire Shakespere @MARGARET DABBS
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Natasha Godfrey is a South East London Illustrator who focuses on architectural & botanical illustrations. Turning her hobby into a business during the pandemic, she draws local London shopfronts, working traditionally with pen on paper and working with digitally to add colour.


She handprints her designs on tea towels and other textiles for sale across London and works with local businesses and clients to create bespoke products, illustrations and designs and bespoke illustration projects. She is developing her work into etchings and screen prints and has started exhibited her illustrations across London including at the 2021 Royal Academy Summer Show.

Chelsea Windows 55 - Benjamin Moore.jpg
Gallery Hop! Map of all locations
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Head down the world-famous King’s Road, towards World’s end to celebrate an abundance of emerging contemporary art by visiting the KCAW x Chelsea Windows displays, showcasing 8 artists across 7 boutique locations. 

Gallery Hop! 28 June 6-8pm

After enjoying Chelsea Windows, join us for a special late opening on the 28th, when you can visit boutique galleries open until late. POP! by for a glass of fizz at one of these prestigious King’s Road Galleries, meet the owners, meet the artists, and enjoy more brilliant art.

Download Map

Jack Trodd has for the 2nd year curated an exhibition across selected shop front windows along the iconic King's Road where participating stores, restaurants and cafes display artworks by London's most exciting emerging artists throughout Art Week and beyond.

As seen in this project, retail spaces become pop-up contemporary art galleries, artists have the chance to reach new audiences and show their work in unique locations, whilst the public is invited to discover up-and-coming artists and enjoy the High Street enriched with creativity.

Meet the artists taking part below and join us on a special evening held on 28 June 2024 at 6-8pm.
Find out more here.


2024 Theme: Changing Landscapes

Artists were invited to consider the social, geographical as well as digital landscapes, the natural habitats and the human response to the world through the use of AI.

In addition to the annual theme, submissions are encouraged to:

  • Pay homage to the area's rich historical and cultural heritage, encompassing both past and modern influences.

  • Foster active engagement with the audience.

  • Evoke the festive and celebratory atmosphere of the event.

  • Maintain a positive, non-discriminatory, and non-political stance.

  • Promote inclusion and celebrate innovation and the possibility of making a positive impact on society.

The annual Open Call welcomes artists at various stages of their professional careers; from local to national talents and those who have never previously exhibited their work in public. 

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Chelsea Windows 06 - Chinti & Parker.jpg
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