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Open Doors 360 is an ongoing series of short, immersive 360 degree interviews with artists living or working in West London and taking part in Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 2020.  

Take a 360 degree ‘sneak peek’ into 10 contemporary artist studios and favourite West London spots. These 5-8 minute interviews were filmed from inside the artists' studio or a key location relevant to their practice during lockdown.

Produced by Maya Sanbar of Chasing the Light Studio in partnership with Damian Rayne of Muse Films and The Galleries Association, supported by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council’s Arts Grants Scheme, these films give audiences a unique behind the scenes access into artists’ studios, creative minds and latest work.

+ Danny Lane 

+ Mark Elie
+ Joe Rush

+ Piers Butler

+ Kate Daudy

+ I Sis

Lucille Dweck

+ Nickolas Grace

+ Alison Jackson

+ Terence Stamp

These immersive videos are best enjoyed using the YouTube app from a VR headset, phone or tablet.
2D versions will be published alongside the 360 videos.

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