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Sarabesque @ Exhibitionist Hotel

Zone 5

The Exhibitionist Hotel, Queensberry Place, London, UK



Friday 30 June
6-9:30 pm


Join us for the next NFTUK event on June 30th, in one of London’s boutique art hotels, The Exhibitionist in Kensington where this summer, the hotel welcomes a 3-month residency by multidisciplinary artist SAIRA as she unveils her latest concept; Sarabesque.

Inspired by scriptures from her ancestral roots, the series consists of traditional paintings that have transcended via modern algorithmic technologies to form new creations. This event will bring together talented artists, collectors, speakers and enthusiasts within the space.

The collaborative exhibition will form a part of an evening of curated events including;

Sarabesque & AI Friends – Digital Exhibition

Fireside chats where we’ll be intimately diving into the fast moving - yet complicated relationship between traditional artists and ai

Live projection mapping & audio performances

Networking Drinks

We are excited to meet you.

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