The KCAW Public Art Trail creates ambitious temporary installations across our area of West London. KCAW runs an annual OPEN CALL for artists, creative organisations, and curators to submit artworks to be displayed in a variety of public spaces for one month or longer during the summer. Click below to find more about each artist and their work. Scroll down to learn more about our KCAW Art Trail Committee for 2022 edition. 

KCAW Art Trail Artists 2022

+ Kipling Hunt

+ Birungi Kawooya & Bokani Tshidzu

+ Charlotte Colbert

+ Azarra Amoy

+ Lise Bouissiere

+ Gavin Turk

+ David Böhm & Jiří Franta

+ Konstantin Benkovich

+ Sokari Douglas Camp CBE

+ Richard Mackness

+ Roman Lokati

+ Maya Sanbar

Art Trail 2022
Supported by Kensington and Chelsea Festival.

Meet 2022 Art Committee

The Art Committee evaluates the shortlisted proposals made up of leading names from the visual arts, performance arts, literature, and media:

+ Angel Monzon (Director, Vessel Gallery)

+ Caroline Jennings (Head of Events and PR, Cadogan)

+ Catherine Loewe (Co-founder, Eye of the Huntress)

+ Chris Day (Glass Artist)

+ Clare Burnett (Sculptor, President of Royal Society of Sculptors)

+ Maeve Doyle (Art Critic, Artistic Director, Maddox Gallery)

+ Richard Woods (Artist, KCAW ART Trail alumnus)

+ Ryan Lanji (Cultural Producer, TV personality)

+ Sarah Gaventa (Creative Director, Earls Court Development Company, Illuminated River Foundation)

+ Stacie McCormick (Artist, Founder, Unit 1 Gallery)

+ Seyi Adelekun (Artist)

2022 Theme is NOURISH

Every living being is sustained by Nourishment of some kind, whether through consumption of food, photosynthesis or other means. Nourishment can also be intellectual, social and mystical.

Nourishment is a form of knowledge – food for the soul as well as food for the body. Food is culture. It unites and divides us. It is sensual. It is gluttonous and indulgent. It is pleasure, spirituality and meditation, pain and boredom. It is fun!


This year's KCAW will see the festival collaborate with a range of restaurants, bars and culinary pop-ups.