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Giant Mamas | Maya Sanbar

Giant Mamas | Maya Sanbar
Chelsea Theatre

Zone 8

Chelsea Theatre, London, UK





Giant Mamas is an outdoor installation created from stories of women living and working in World's End estate.

This project forms part of our annual whole-community creative event. Our experience from last year's Quilt Patch outdoor installation has shown us that harvesting stories and giving a voice to those who do not often have one has a positive effect on mental health and social cohesion. Pairing our citizens with established artists leads to a formula in which 'citizen art' has qualitative impact.

The artworks created celebrate the role of women in the community, with the women represented as a set of Giantesses / Goddesses installed on the outside of the theatre and piazza. Inspired by ancient mythology brought to present-day reality, we will create up to 10 figures, measuring from 2m to 4m in height.

The form, character and shape of the Giantesses is developed in collaboration with the community in a series of workshops. The women living in working here will feel a sense of ownership of them, as representations of the spirit they embody - without them being identifiable.

The role of the women holding our community together is immense and often undervalued - making them giant mythological beings will underline their strength and power. Each of the giantesses will have a back story created with a professional writer participating in the workshops. These stories will translate into a play with the input of a dramaturge if we are able to gather the funding.

Installed from 22 June, the beginning of Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, it will form part of the Art Trail and continue into the Kensington and Chelsea Festival which will include many outdoor performances.

24/7 outside
22 June to end of August

Chelsea Theatre
Artist: Maya Sanbar

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