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Appeeling Art Competition

Nourish Hub

2: Notting Hill + Holland Park

Unit A, Nourish Hub, Swanscombe House, 1 St Ann's Rd, London W11 4SS, UK


@karmabanklondon, @thenourishhub, @timegivers




Appeeling Art is a food art competition for all ages, established with the Nourish Hub in 2023 to focus on growing and eating healthy food, and rescuing food surplus. Submit a photo of your art work in any medium (and a story about it) to win a prize, join art-making workshops, and enjoy a delicious community supper prize-giving event. Draw, paint, photo, sketch, sculpt, knit your favourite fruits or vegetables! Your creativity is limitless!

Appeeling Art 2.0 is open for subnmissions!


Appeeling Art is part of Karmabank & Nourish Hub’s ( missions to increase our community’s well-being, encourage eating healthy food, and growing food for self-sufficiency. We are joined this year by Timegivers (, whose young volunteers will help run our events.


How does it work?:


Through the simple, fun act of creating a piece of art of your favourite fruit or vegetable, and submitting it with a short story about why you chose that subject, anyone of any age can win a prize - maybe a grow your own tomatoes kit, a book on herbs, a guide to help you sketch well, or a set of paints & brushes.

  1. PRIZES! 3 prizes for participants 16+, & 3 for those under 16.
  2. You don't need to be an artist!
  3. JOIN OUR SUPER FUN ART-MAKING WORKSHOPS DURING KCAW!! You can create art with free materials and 4 x Art-Making Sessions with teachers at the Nourish Hub on these dates (different medium for each day): Painting/Drawing - Tuesday 25th June – 12-2pm; Clay Work - Wednesday 26th June – 12-2pm; Knitting/Sewing - Thursday 27th June – 12-2pm; Collage/Photography - Friday 28th June – 12-2pm
  4. The Nourish Hub serves a "pay as you feel" lunch on each of the making days.
  5. Free community supper prize-giving at the Nourish Hub, August 22 at 17:00
  6. The story is very important! We want to hear from you - maybe your grandma made a special vegetable soup, or a particular fruit reminds you of where you grew up. Communities connect through sharing stories, and shared stories turn a stranger into a neighbour, friend, family.
  7. DISPLAYING YOUR WORK AS PART OF A GALLERY: Don't send your art - just a photo o f it. We will print the work and (if you wish) display it with other entries at the Nourish Hub until September at least.


Why is making art important to us?


We believe that engaging in creativity helps our wellbeing: Participants in our first competition last year told us how much they enjoyed being creative. For some, it was a way to focus on something positive when life was tough. For others, a way to reconnect with the fun they had making art as a child or in school. We also beleive in using creative methods to impact our society - using art of any type to influence how we see each other, how we can find better ways to live together, how together we can design the future we want to live in.


Why Fruits & Vegetables?


The Nourish Hub & Karmabank run community kitchens that use surplus food to create delicious "pay as you can meals" for anyone who needs them. We rescue food that would otherwise cause more landfills, wasting food that alleviates poverty & malnutrition.


12-2pm daily from June 25th to 28th



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