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The Playground Theatre |  KCAW Official Charity Partner
The Playground Theatre |  KCAW Official Charity Partner

The Playground Theatre | KCAW Official Charity Partner

Specially curated series of events and exhibitions in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the arrival of The Windrush.

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When + Where

22 Jun 2023, 11:00 – 02 Jul 2023, 17:00

The Playground Theatre, 8 Latimer Rd, London W10 6RQ, UK


The Playground Theatre, formerly a bus depot, was originated as a creative space for innovative theatre artists of all disciplines to 'play' with their imaginative ideas. 

Over half of the activity the Playground undertakes is in its local community of North Kensington.


‘Well Read’ their flagship service (which originated in St Charles Mental Health Unit and continues to be delivered there) has engaged over 450 unique participants: Reducing isolation, improving well-being and promoting fun, through reading plays aloud in a group, facilitated by a theatre professional, the priority being participation, not perfection. Well Read is adaptable: Reading to dementia day patients, or mixing professional actors, community members and technology to live-stream Well Read to New York.  

Their education projects, in conjunction with Nicholas Kent’s award-winning Grenfell Inquiry plays, have engaged hundreds of young people across London, as have ‘Dalgarno Drama Clubs’, Playground Summer Schools and in housing KAA’s drama department.  

Latest service ‘We Start’ is supported by Grenfell Recovery Fund. Locals can make and access arts, develop artistic careers and improve skills. From sculpture to spoken word poetry. 

This summer they are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the arrival of The Windrush, specifically the people it brought to our local community. 

Join a series of specially Curated Series of Events below. All Welcome - Free of charge. Theatre closed on Sundays. 

22nd June – 2nd July  | W10: Rebels, Revolution, and Restful Nature | The Playground Theatre Café 

‘Rebels and Revolution in London’ – an exhibition of photography from Tony Sleep’s 

‘Welcome to Frestonia’ exhibition. Signed copies of the book available and prints available to purchase.  

All Welcome - Free of charge. Theatre closed on Sundays. 


22-2nd | The Playground Theatre Café 

‘Canals of W10’ by Alison Williams – an exhibition of painting inspired by our local canal, formerly a bustling hive of activity and now a place of restful tranquility and well-being, enjoyed by us and our local nature.  

All Welcome - Free of charge. Theatre closed on Sundays. 


22nd June | Raising the Flag 

iBlackbird community group, based in Portobello, and supported by the Playground Theatre will fly the Windrush flag at the Town Hall, while playing the music of our community and hosting speakers. We aim to provide links to welfare officials and advice on the Windrush Compensation fund.     

All welcome – Free Event. 


24th June  | Viva Frestonia! - In collaboration with Portobello Radio’s Festival of Small Things. Harrow Club.  

A live community play reading, for professional actors and community readers. All welcome as audience or readers! Performed at the Harrow Club, to an audience, in the heart of the former Free Republic of Frestonia. 

Freston Road, situated in the most expensive borough in London, seceded from the UK in 1977 

‘Faced with oppression anything can happen when we work together as a family… however unlikely’. The building of the Westway. The National Strike. The OPEC Oil crisis. Housing issues in West London.  

‘A corrugated iron-surrounded prison with the most unlikely characters you can possibly imagine’. Freston Road is squatted by artists, writers, punks, idealists, alcohol and drug abusers. They refurb the properties, adding soil pipes, ceilings, decoration, gardens, plumbing and electrics. 

‘The GLC decided it was intolerable having 120 people living in these damp, dirty houses and it would be a much better idea to knock them down and make us homeless’. – Tony Sleep 

The GLC make the squatters ‘final offers’ to move on. The offers are insufficient. So the squatters have to think outside the box…  

All welcome – Free event 


28th June  | 11:15 – 12:15 | Well Read – An Open Community Play reading group.

Housed at The Playground Theatre Cafe, all welcome, free of charge this week the group will be reading Medea by Euripides, Medea is the original feminist rebel. 

Well Read is the Theatre’s flagship community wellbeing service. We have interacted with over 400 unique participants. Reading plays aloud in a group and chatting about them throughout, can dispel isolation, promotes fun and laughter, promotes the exploration of plays and grants the participant the chance to see, speak and think through another’s point of view.   

All welcome, Free event 


22-2nd The Playground Theatre Space 

‘Disruptors of the future’ – ticketed event. Free of charge 

Prominent drama school DSL perform their graduate shows at the Theatre, allowing an opportunity to see the talent of the future up close! Each week a different show will be performed by the young people.    

Booking through the playground theatre box office and website.  


Weekend of 1st July –  ‘Creating Lapwings’ on the Lanc West Estate.  

Free Sculpture workshop with artist, Jack Anthony Taylor. 


22nd June – 2nd July 

240 Project. Art by local people. 

The Playground will house and sell pictures by local community group the 240 Project throughout art week. 

Based in West London, 240Project is an established Arts and Health Activity Centre for those affected by homelessness and exclusion. We aim to help improve an individual’s self-esteem, confidence, motivation and skills base by providing a safe and friendly space where a variety of arts and well-being activities are on offer. 


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