We are thrilled to start announcing our incredible cohort of poets for KCAW22. We received a record number of entries this year, so congratulations to all successful applicants! These submissions will be showcased in the KCAW guide, on our digital culture map, and as part of our KCAW22 Public Art Trail. 

Several poets shared their thoughts about KCAW22, and this exciting opportunity for creatives:

"I love the Kensington and Chelsea areas, where my family lives, and it is still my safe place now that I had to move to the east but I still find marvellous excuses to travel back... I am excited about sharing the love and appreciation for these fantastic blooming neighbourhoods." - Jesica Mac Leod

"I cannot wait to explore and enjoy the work and stories of others during the festival, a week where Kensington and Chelsea becomes an even more rich and vibrant cultural hub." - David Urry

"I am so thrilled to be part of this fantastic project because of all the exciting opportunities that will open up to meet like-minded people who believe that Art, in its many expressions, has the power to radically change lives and gift us a purposeful life in alignment with our truest Self." - Irene Odoardi

Stay tuned to discover where these inspiring poets will be displaying their work around the borough!

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