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Wendy House Cloud House

Wendy House Cloud House
Napoleon Garden

Zone 4: High Street Ken

Holland Park, London, UK



Sunrise to dusk



The Cloud House Wendy House is a scale model of The Cloud House, by Peter Morris, simplified and reconfigured as an open-frame Wendy House and public sculpture, created especially for KCAW Art Trail 2023. The Cloud House concept is born out of the desire to create a public artwork where children can play, and have their imaginations piqued; and where adults can experience a moment of delight that will remind them of their own childhoods.

A Wendy House is a playhouse named after the character Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, written by JM Barrie, who lived in Kensington. As an object for play, this little Cloud House embraces the joyful spirit of Peter Pan and celebrates the glorious pastel colours of some of Chelsea’s prettiest streets – the area that had a powerful impact on the development of Morris’s’ own creativity and the realisation of dreams.

“Thirty-five years ago, I was living in the Midlands. My mum worked in a factory. My dad worked as a shepherd. And we had no money. It was a world away from Chelsea. I was dyslexic, had been to 12 secondary schools, and had two GCSEs to my name. But then something miraculous happened. I started dreaming, and I started drawing. Thanks to those drawings, I won a place to study Architecture at University. And in 1997 I was offered a place at the Royal College of Art.

I moved to the King’s Road, and it blew my mind. This magical place, Chelsea – with its stylish people, and streets of pretty pastel-colored houses – combined with the brilliant creativity I was encountering at the RCA, changed my life forever.

It was a place beyond imagination, a place of wonder and delight. And it’s where my dream was born – to build, one day, a pink house for myself, where I could live with my future family.

Now, aged 51, I hope that dream is about to come true. The Cloud House – a fairy-tale pink palace with a cloud-shaped roof – is to be built, near Hampstead Heath. Chelsea won’t be its home, but it will forever be the place that led to its creation.

Kensington & Chelsea changed me, and this artwork reflects and celebrates that change.” - Peter Morris

Photographer: Katie Edwards
Image credit: Ottilie aged 2

This artwork is supported by LeserCutLaser

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