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We Define Creatives

We Define Creatives
Metre Squared Open Studio

Zone 6

metre.squared and redefine.creatives


30 June 2023
5pm - 11.30pm


Featuring live music and performance as well as an art exhibition Expressing myself through the Art mediums, such as spray painting on walls, acrylic or oil painting on canvas, and charcoal drawing on paper I am choosing a medium based on the nature of the subject and art style that I want to approach, using it as the defining tool for the flow and impact of the pieces.

WE DEFINE Connecting Creatives presents the third edition of the Art & Music Show in a fresh venue by
Metre Squared in East London with the “Nature taking over” theme our Artists will showcase their best
pieces completely transforming the space and together with our Music performers will set the
stage on fire bringing the atmosphere to life.

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