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Digital Art Programme

Zone 4

The Exhibitionist Hotel, Queensberry Place, London, UK






A experiential series celebrating multidisciplinary art and cultural philosophies from a provocative and emotive London born South Asian Artist. Saira is a rising star in the London arts scene and has exhibited works in London, Paris, New York, and Miami. A featured SuperRare artist, she is a regular exhibitor and panellist in the revolutionary Web3 arts and media scene.

Saira is a vocal champion of female creatives, paving the way for those marginalised and unrepresented. In a recent invitation from The Tate, she was called to take the stage and share her story and her insights into vital roles of South Asian artists.

Saira’s inaugural launch of "Sarabesque" at The Exhibitionist Hotel will finally unravel its origins, whilst showcasing the semiotic pieces across formats, balancing her mutual love for pixels and paint.

Her 3 month residency kicks off with Kensington & Chelsea Arts Week 2023, in a series of highly curated evenings, from art to music, spoken word and immersive performances.

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