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Little Greene

Little Greene
KCAW x Chelsea Windows

Zone 8



Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Sunday 11pm to 5pm


LITTLE GREENE | Raffael Bader

KCAW x Chelsea Windows | An exhibition spanning 8 shopfront windows along the iconic King’s Road curated by Jack Trodd, and sponsored by Sloane Stanley.

‘Little Greene are an independent, British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high-quality paints and wallpapers. Our showroom is located at 310 Kings Road, Chelsea’ Exhibiting artist Raffael Bader, an internationally acclaimed abstract landscape painter, brings the beauty of our environment inside with an equally rich Pantone palette.

For this year’s edition, THE ART OF CHANGE, the theme is reflected in these one-to-watch artists’ unique styles, changing perceptions on what’s possible utilising classical art movements and methods in totally new ways, whilst also exemplifying a positively changing commercial landscape which sees more and more business championing young artists in different ways. As seen in this project, retail spaces become pop-up contemporary art galleries and artists have the chance to reach new audiences and show their work in unique locations. The public are invited to discover the up-and-coming artists and enjoy the High Street enriched with creativity.



Make sure to visit participating retailers:

PEGGY PORSCHEN exhibiting Phoebe Boddy
KNIGHT FRANK exhibiting Charlie Haydn-Taylor
LOVE MY HUMAN exhibiting Selby HI & Henrietta MacPhee
LITTLE GREENE exhibiting Raffael Bader
28-50 exhibiting Harry Cartwright
LAVENDER GREEN exhibiting Mary West
CASTRADS exhibiting Aline Agaiad
BEN JAMIN MOORE exhibiting Alice Hartley

Further details are on and KCAW 2023 Programme (listed from 22 June 2023)

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