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Buffalo: Future Generation

Buffalo: Future Generation
Ladbroke Hall

Zone 1

Ladbroke Hall, Barlby Road, London, UK


Daily 10-6pm
Closed Sundays

Buffalo: Future Generation – Jamie Morgan’s upcoming exhibition of 30 new portraits debuting at Ladbroke Hall (29 June to 15 July).

The exhibition revisits the Buffalo movement, which the photographer co-founded with stylist Ray Petri. Buffalo reflected on the generation emerging from an era of depression in the 1980s that was radically intent on self-expression through punk and DIY. The upcoming exhibition of 30 new works looks at the current generation of young people in Ladbroke Grove, London – where Buffalo was founded and where Ladbroke Hall is located. As well as portraying young people found through street-casting, it also includes the children of Jamie’s friends, including those of Kate Moss, Ozwald Boateng and Annie Morris. The exhibition is free to the public and is also a charitable event with proceeds from single-edition print sales going to The Dalgarno Trust, a community centre in the heart of Ladbroke Grove.

Jamie began his photographic career in the late 1970s as a teenager, photographing the emerging New Romantic cultural wave on the streets of London. Jamie is best known for adopting street casting in new ways and rejecting binary gender conformity in his life-long photographic celebration of individuality and agency for all. His first subjects were the icons of gender non-conformity, including Boy George, Steve Strange, Marilyn amongst others. The name of the movement stems from a Caribbean expression that Ray adopted which was used to describe rude boys and rebels. Buffalo clashed gender, age and cultural stereotypes to better reflect the diversity and lived experiences of British youth culture. It styled tough men with skirts and boots, combined utility sportswear with high fashion, cast boys as girls and children as adults.

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