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Art @ Notting Dale Campus

Art @ Notting Dale Campus
Notting Dale Campus

Zone 1


Frestons is also open Monday to Friday (8am-4pm)

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm


A truly original space created for extraordinary people, Notting Dale Campus is set around the RIBA award-winning open space of Breakers Place. An unrivalled and striking contemporary art collection by world-famous artists weaves through the campus.

The collection spans a wide range of eras, media and styles, from Jeff Koon's Baroque Egg with Bow which sits proudly in The Yellow Building atrium alongside work by David Hockey, to Damian Hirst's famous 'spot painting' in The George Building and specially commissioned sculpture by Philip King, Tra La La.

The campus' latest pieces include a scuplture by Antony Gormey, entitled 'Root' and art works of giant proportions by Bridget Riley, Ragna Bley and Lucia Laguna.

Frestons is also open Monday to Friday (8am-4pm) serving a wide selection of hot and cold food options together with drinks and with inside and outside seating.

Art @ Notting Dale Campus
Date + Time 22nd June - 2nd July 10am to 4pm

Art on Breakers Place is best viewed in daylight. To see art inside the Yellow Building, please bring photo ID.

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