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Mehri Foda - Exloring Paint & Collage

The Gallery at Green & Stone

8: Old Chelsea + Worlds End

251-253 Fulham Rd., London SW3 6HY, UK


@thegalleryatgreenandstone @greenandstone




Discover Mehri Foda's 'Exploring Paint and Collage' at Green & Stone Gallery. Celebrate the artistic evolution of Mehri's offerings, from oils to collages and experience her journey merging abstraction and representation, resonating with cultural influences. Whilst you are here, you can also visit Green & Stone one of the most enchanting shops in Chelsea. Serving artists for 100 years.

Welcome to Mehri Foda's exhibition ‘Exploring Paint and Collage’. This collection of work celebrates artistic exploration, cultural richness, and the transcendent power of creativity. Born in Cairo in 1950, Mehri's journey has been one of discovery and evolution, marked by encounters with well-known mentors and a lifelong dedication to her craft.


In 1999, Mehri crossed paths with the artist and teacher Bobby Gill. Under her mentorship, her artistic style underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. She embraced abstraction and drew inspiration from revered artists such as Morandi, Lee Krasner, Ivon Hitchens, and Matisse. This pivotal moment marked a turning point, infusing Mehri’s work with newfound depth, complexity, and a distinctive abstract sensibility.


In 2019, Mehri unveiled her first solo exhibition at the Gezira Art Centre in Cairo, culminating years of dedication and exploration across various mediums. From oils to pastels, gouache to acrylics, and mixed media to collage, Mehri's versatile works are a testament to her boundless creativity and mastery of form.

Central to Mehri's artistic ethos is her ability to seamlessly navigate between abstraction and representation without compromising her unique style. Her works resonate with layers of cultural influences, reflecting her rich experiences spanning Europe and the Middle East. Through contemplative yet complex compositions, Mehri invites viewers on a journey of introspection, where the convergence of culture, emotion, and artistic expression intertwines to create a visual narrative of profound depth and beauty.


At the heart of Mehri's practice lies a profound passion for bold colour palettes and fluid movements, echoing her emotions, spirit, and chosen subject matter. Each brushstroke carries the weight of her experiences, inviting viewers into a world where colours dance freely across the canvas, evoking a sense of wonder and exploration.


Mehri Foda lives in a captivating world where boundaries dissolve, and the universal language of creativity speaks to the depths of the human soul. Through her artworks, Mehri invites us to embrace the transformative power of art and embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.


The Gallery at Green & Stone is connected to one of Europe's most enchanting art materials shops. Here, you will find the best quality art materials and advice. This is truly a unique space to make sure you add to your list to visit.


Exhibiton runs from 17 June – 29 June
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 – 6 pm daily. Sunday Midday - 5 pm.
The private view will be held on the 18 June: 6.30 8.30 pm. RSVP to:



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