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Seeing Beyond the Veil: Using Drawing & Embroidery

The College of Psychic Studies

5: South Kensington

16 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2EB, UK






The College of Psychic Studies



In this in-person workshop at The College of Psychic Studies, artist Clare Ormerod invites you to explore the creative power of nature through fibre, mark-making and embroidery.

Clare Ormerod's artwork is currently on show in an exhibition at the College. You will enjoy an opportunity to explore it during this workshop.


Saturday 22nd June, 2-5pm


This workshop is a friendly and meditative space in which to explore your innate creativity. You'll journey within to connect with your imagination, and then journey out to express it through needle and thread. We'll work free from judgement, with a playful, inclusive spirit and heartfelt intention.


In this in-person workshop, we will:

  1. Enjoy a soundscape journey to allow your imagination to roam
  2. Invite the hand and mind to connect through loose sketching & free mark-making
  3. Transfer these marks and sketches to fabric
  4. Embellish these marks with embroidery techniques through meditative stitching

This workshop is relaxing, meditative and experiential. Book now to discover a new and nourishing way to channel your inner creativity.


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