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Lema x Messums

Lema UK

183 King's Rd, London SW3 5EB, UK







The Lema London Flagship Store at 183 King’s Road, Chelsea, offers an Italian design experience. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it spans 400 square meters over two floors, showcasing LEMA Home and LEMA Contract sectors. The store's bespoke services highlight modular systems and custom furnishings. Hosting a pop-up by Messum Art Gallery, it features Nicholas Lees' porcelain artworks, blending architectural precision with organic fluidity.


Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm


The Lema London Flagship Store, located at 183 King'a Road, in the heart of Chelsea, stands as a beacon of refined Italian design and bespoke elegance. Nestled within one of London's most prestigious addresses, the store is more than just a showroom; it is a curated experience that immerses visitors into the world of Lema. Designed by the company's art director, Piero Lissoni, the space seamlessly integreates the brand's main sectors: Home, Contract and Atelier, each embodying the essence of tradition, innovation, industrial and timeless appeal of Italian design.


Spanning 400 square meters over two floors, the store's layout is both expansive and intimate. The ground floor, with its two street-level windows, invites passersby to peek into a world of style. This level showcases Lema's modular systems, upholstered furnishings, sofas, armchairs and beds, as well as an array of chairs, tables and sideboards. Descending into the basement a compact studio flat has been designed, to invite clients into the full design consultancy services offered, tailored to city homes, emphasizing the personal touch that defines Lema's approach.


This June, Lema will host a unique pop-up by Messum Art Gallery featuring the exquisite porcelain artworks of Nicholas Lees. Lees, an acclaimed artist exhibited in prestigious institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and York City Art Gallery, brings his intricate, finely-crafted pieces to the Lema Showroom. His porcelain creations are celebrated for their meticulous precision and delicate beauty, embodying both fragility and strength in equal measure.


Lees' artistic process in a testament to his skill and creativity. Beginning with thick-walled forms on a wheel, he employs a careful drying technique to prepare the clay for a unique method of reduction. Using a lathe, Lees carves paper-thin fins into the clay, creating forms that are architectural in their precision and organic in their fluidity. This method results in pieces with light and volume, offering a dynamic visual experience that changes with the view and perspective. The thin edges of his vessels, when illuminated, reveal a stunning interpretation of light and shadow, emphasizing the ethereal quality of his work.


Hosting Lees' artworks at the Lema London Flagship Store provides a harmonious blend of art and design, reflecting the brand's commitment to showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. This collaboration not only highlights the versatility and elegance of Lema's furniture but also celebrates the artistry and skill inherent in Nicholas Lees' artworks. During Kensington + Chelsea Art Week visitors to the Lema Showroom will be treated to a place where the boundaries between functional design and fine art blur, offering a truly immersive and inspiring experience.


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