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"The World Through My Eyes"

The Exhibitionist Hotel

5: South Kensington

The Exhibitionist Hotel, Queensberry Place, London, UK






Arunima Kumar, Artistic Director Arunima Kumar Dance Company, will be hosting a special evening of poetry as part of a new book release "The World Through My Eyes". A number of readings will be supported by an enigmatic dance performance.


25 June 6-9pm


Poetry Night: 25th June, Tuesday, 6 pm to 9pm.

Arumina Kumar received Ustad Bismillah Khan award for Kuchipudi, Global Indian Icon award , Stardust Award for Arts, She Inspires award at House of Lords,  Mercedes award, Asian woman of achievement

The Exhibitionist Hotel

The Exhibitionist Hotel is a constantly evolving artwork. The hotel curator, Vestalia Chilton, has worked on a range of projects to bring colour and adventure to the walls of the Art Corridors, the Bar and Reception galleries downstairs, and a total takeover from the siter hotel, The Gainsborough, opposite the road by artist Sasha Bowles inspired by the age of Enlightenment and the collections of the museums next door such as the Natural History Museum and the V&A.

This exhibition by Michael Wallner celebrates the beauty of Lonoon through the shapes, outlines and colours that define its character. London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Miami, and Dubai all feature  in this show. .

Before becoming a full-time artist Michael spent more than twenty years in the television industry working on entertainment programs, talk shows, documentaries, animations and a children’s novel. He even had a job writing poetry about pirates.

But creating original and innovative art was always his true passion and on of his favourite things about being an artist is experimenting. 

"I love the challenge of finding a different way of presenting the world around me, whether it’s the quest to find the extraordinary views, strangle angles and fantastic shapes, or the search for the most unusual materials to work with."


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