Olga Lomaka was born in Moscow and lives and works in London. Olga’s remarkable personal style is instantly recognisable, enticing the viewer in with the concrete and the abstract, the familiar and the unknown. The work brings light to issues that concern us all — of the world order, the flaws of modernity and the psychology of human consciousness. By viewing them through the prism of pop-art, fascinating parallels and insights are brought into a visual form, unveiling their symbolic and broader meaning.


The artist’s primary features are to play with recognisable images and products of consumerism, pooling together contrasting beliefs, which give a second meaning to hidden symbols and use unusual colour pallets. In 2002, Lomaka completed a painting course at Loyola University Chicago (USA). A decade later, she continued her education in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. In 2015, Lomaka graduated with BA in Painting from Camberwell College of Arts.


These new large special-finished screen prints with almost euphoric glowing neon Yellow, Gold and Yves Klein Blue layers were created by artist Olga Lomaka in collaboration with Jealous Studio in London.

As we collectively continue to travel on our planet Earth spinning within the abyss of the cosmos, Lomaka created a fresh new set of work titled ‘The Comic Voyage’ to compliment the release of her new sculpture ‘Through Time and Space’.

The new print series aims to lift our spirits by brightening even the gloomiest of galaxies. The patterned designs aim to play with perspective - comparing illusion to reality - a common thread in Lomaka’s work.

Olga Lomaka | In Search Of Blue Planet, Black (Cosmic Voyage)

  • Screenprint

    1100 x 800 mm (unframed)

    Signed by the artist