Alexander Ikhide is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in a range of media, primarily collage/mixed media and drawing, then further experimenting with the use of digital/graphic image and text in his work and recently photography in the vein of documentary style portraiture to interrogate issues of representation, identity, history, gender and race.


Examining the political, social, historical and cultural ideologies of African diasporic traditions in a post-colonial age and drawing upon surrealist aesthetic sensibilities of the post modern and contemporary that inform his stylistic approach to his art practice. Utilising materials that draw from a myriad of sources whether tangible or intangible/found or archived, but primarily photographic, to be repurposed as parts of a whole in creating compositions.


The figure, or the image of the figure, is a central theme of his works as a signifier for the 'other', as both the personal and political simultaneously serve as a point of departure and arrival upon which the foundation to his ideas stem from and is explored expansively in his practice.

Alexander Ikhide | Self Portrait (Heirloom) II

  • 420 x 297mm 

    Digital Photomontage