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The Thames Clipper: Sail into Summer with Uber Boat

Rediscover London this June with Uber Boat by Thames Clippers.

Kensington + Chelsea Art Week

Over 11 days in summer, Kensington + Chelsea Art Week celebrates and promotes the Royal Borough as a cultural hotspot; unveiling the unexpected, highlighting local spirit, and showcasing an extraordinary cross-section of art and culture.

From Thursday 24 June, a series of new and exciting installations will appear across 9 zones of Kensington & Chelsea, creating an ambitious art trail. The trail includes sculptures and installations by artists Louise Hall, LR Vandy, Anthony Garratt, Amy Jackson, Lauren Baker, Rand Abdul Jabbar and the duo Baker & Borowski.

The theme for this year’s art week is "reimagine". Through large scale artworks created across the area, the works hope to inspire and encourage people to connect with nature, introducing a diversity of colours and nature into urban environments and challenge perceptions. Developed with community consultation in 2018, KCAW shines a spotlight on the area's unexpected and unique cultural variety across a multitude of studios, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces and businesses, attracting local and international audiences to hundreds of cultural events and installations throughout the borough.

This year, Art Week is launching the inaugural Kensington + Chelsea Festival which will celebrate all forms of art and culture across the area for a whole summer season, 24 June - 4 July.

Nearest pier: Cadogan or Battersea Power Station


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