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As part of our ongoing initiative dedicated to bringing great art and creative flare to unusual sites across the borough, we have partnered with Kensington and Chelsea Council to run a series of community workshops to help with the creation of a mural on the wall of the soon-to-be-refurbished Emslie Horniman Pleasance playground.

The project aims to make a positive contribution to the area’s urban landscape and celebrate the histories of the borough with original works by local artists, chosen by public vote.


By working together with local communities we hope that the creative input will help to identify the area geographically for residents, businesses and visitors; increase a sense of civic pride; strengthen connection across the community; and celebrate the vibrancy and creativity of the borough.


The playground wall is currently being repaired and painted white ready for the mural to be created in November 2022.



We are now seeking local artists/community groups to join a series of workshops to help us fine-tune the design, the theme and the execution of the mural to go on the main wall of the playground. If you live locally, have a local artist to recommend, share an idea for the mural theme, or you simply use the park playground, we want to hear from you! 

All ideas and recommendations welcome, and as a starting point we are would love to reference the history of the area and park, for a final artwork to compliment the playground themes, or to explore an artist facilitated, collaborative community design.

To help us prepare for the first workshop and if you would like to nominate any local artists, other organisations to join this conversation, and add your own thoughts to the process, please fill out this anonymous questionnaire.


Please join us at the of the workshops by registering hereOr feel free to get in touch directly here.

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To find out more about Emslie Horniman Pleasance Playground public consultation results please visit:


+ 7 September     

+ 14 September

+ 24 September 

+ 30 November    
+ 20 February       

+ 10 March       

+ 15 March     


The two workshops are held to introduce the project and to seek recommendations such as the theme for the mural, key organisations to join, artists, residents - all the community who cares about the park and enjoys the playground.

We have partnered with the Venture Community Centre to host our workshops and with Ark Brunel Primary Academy to run an Art Day with the children to create designs based on the themes from the two workshops.

The workshops start at 12:15pm and end at 1:15pm with a soul kitchen lunch served for free to all at 1:15pm. KCAW team are volunteering at the centre to cook the free lunch. Everyone is welcome join. These workshops are open, informal and the conversations are jotted down in sketch-form by local artist Junior Tomlin.


Once key themes have been established, lead artist/s will create 3 designs to be put to public vote. It will be the public who will decide on their favourite design. The finalist design will then be announced here and across all our social channels, and created in November 2022.


+    Peabody Mural by RCA student Tor Ewin with artworks supplied by children living in the estate
+    Museum Of Brands by RCA student Sean Steed
+    We Are One Family curated by resident Bolanle Tajudeen created by artists Linett Kamala and Azarra Amoy
+    RCA students create stunning public art across the borough as part of 'Love K + C Art' project curated by ​​KCAW

Workshop 1  

Workshop 2 

Ark Brunel Academy Art Day

Public Vote Opens

Public Vote Ends

Winning Design Announced

Painting begins (weather dependent)

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