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Notting Hill Arts Club



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West is Best, or so they say.. And they would be right.. The Clash, Damon Albarn, Lily Allen, The Who and The Rolling Stones have all called West London their home at some point - and most of them still do.

At the cultural epicentre of this part of the Capital is Notting Hill Gate and at its heart lies one of the most iconic music venues in the world, Notting Hill Arts Club, which boasts a long legacy of breaking some of our most beloved pop icons into the mainstream.

One of London’s most important art and music institutions, it has hosted countless stars, such as Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, The Libertines, Mark Ronson, Headie One, The Killers and more. For many of these artists their appearance at the club was at the very start of their career, highlighting the venue’s longstanding commitment to championing new talent and continuing the rich musical legacy of the area. Further cementing this ethos, the club is home to Notting Hill Academy of Music and Notting Hill Arts Club Recordings, educating and supporting the next generation of industry execs and music artists.

Notting Hill is famous for many reasons and a walk of fame starting from The Club to The Gate and beyond would rightly cement its status as an iconic destination, celebrate past, present and future art & musical brilliance, and draw even more people to this pioneering West London hub of creativity.

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