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Cromwell Place

Zone 5 South Kensington

4 Cromwell Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2JE, UK

@cromwellplace @malgorzata_lisiecka


11 - 7 pm | Wednesday - Sunday



Hosted at Cromwell Place Courtyard, Lisiecka's installation titled Hidden Dimension is free to visit and open to the public as part of KCAW Art Trail in Partnership with Cromwell Place.

This installation made entirely of willow is dedicated to the outdoor space and addresses a functioning mycorrhizal network, an invisible dimension of our environment, hidden underground. The cobalt blue pieces of interwoven plant material, linked together, form a large-scale network of organic shapes meandering along the ground, between trees, on and between buildings. The art installation is made up of individual modules that, connected together, allow it to spread along the courtyard.

The installation refers to a complex part of the ecosystem that exists in an invisible part of the city, especially in the underground. The massive network of mycorrhizal mycelium and fungi can connect many parts of our environment and plays an important role in the functioning of our world. The idea of a large system of invisible connections is present not only in the forest, but also in cities. Bringing it out into the light and displaying it in a busy place can spotlight other species that are part of our cities, but also new contexts of connection, collaboration and coexistence. The artist lives in the area with a studio at Empress Place, Earl's Court, and studied at the Royal College of Art.

Cromwell place, is created as a solution to changing industry demands, our pay-for-what-you-need services include temporary exhibition space, viewing rooms, art storage, technician hire, working facilities and The Hazel Bar & Kitchen. With 14 gallery spaces, across five Grade II listed townhouses, and a year-round programme of arts exhibitions and events there is so much to discover at Cromwell Place.

With creativity, connection and collaboration at our core, the space is home to a thriving community of some of the world’s most exciting galleries, collectors, advisors, foundations and art businesses. Cromwell Place have formed an international arts space where galleries, collectors, dealers, curators and arts professionals can collaborate and flourish.

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