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HackelBury Fine Art



Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


HackelBury presents works by Royal Academician Ian McKeever.

The solo exhibition, 'Gerlinde', is a love letter to the artist's wife. Drawing on his unused drawings and photographs from his archive of which capture everyday objects in a domestic setting, his black and white photographs are filled with light and shadow. They provide evocative glimpses of his wife's presence which merge with silhouetted objects and structures from their home.

HackelBury Fine Art was founded over twenty-five years ago by Marcus Bury and Sascha Hackel. We are committed to championing artists working with the visual arts who push the boundaries of their medium to create meaningful and contemplative work. The London based gallery initially showcased classic photography from the 20th century but has transitioned to more conceptual and mixed media works.

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