You, Me, and Noor

You, Me, and Noor
Drayton Arms Theatre

Zone 5 - South Kensington

Drayton Arms, Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 0LJ, UK




Theatre Open
28 June - 2 July
Performances at 7.30pm


Current show | You, Me, and Noor

Identity is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone sees us differently, and we are or can become very different people depending on who we are with. In KDC Theatre's summer show "You, Me, and Noor" we hear from the voices who know Noor, and those who don’t. The people in Noor’s life, and those who aren’t. But we never meet Noor.

"You, Me, and Noor" presents 7 new short plays by 7 different writers. They paint a picture of Noor from their own unique points of view, leaving it up to the audience to imagine who Noor is to them. The plays have been newly written for KDC Theatre's annual new writing competition and "You, Me, and Noor" showcases the 2022 winners.

Content includes heavy subjects (death, crime, sex)

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Poetry Corner:

The poem Strangers by Fred Kelly is displayed at this little studio theatre above a gorgeous pub, built-in 1896, is always showing something new.

Read it here: