Wild Words

Wild Words
Anthony Garratt

Zone - across the borough




Find all locations at: wild-words.co.uk

WildWords, by artist Anthony Garratt, is a means of challenging the way in which poetry and the written word are presented and interacted with. It is an opportunity to temporarily place words in the context of their inspiration and in unexpected places, outdoors.

Quotes from historically celebrated naturalists and wordsmiths have been selected alongside quotes and poem extracts from the present day; the kids and future generations who are responsible for our future relationship with the natural world.

The selected words which take inspiration from the subject ‘re- imagine the natural world’ have been temporarily ‘scorched’ into areas of short grass at various locations across West London. They will appear over a couple of days as the grass alters from green to brown.

The action of burning the quotes into the ground implies a commitment and an assurance to the words, and the subsequent recovery engenders a respect for the power of nature to overcome the human action.
Over a couple of months; the time it will take for the grass to recover, the poems / words will transition from brown, back to green, until finally disappearing once recovery is complete.

Time-lapse footage and photography will be the only evidence of the installation once the words have disappeared.

All of the locations and credits to the writers can be viewed on the project website: wild-words.co.uk