The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden
Baker & Borowski

Zone 6 - Earl's Court




Warwick Rd, opposite Earl’s Court Underground Station
40 Warwick Rd, SW5 9UB
On view 24/7


KCAW is collaborating with artists Baker & Borowski to transform a meanwhile space in Warwick Road opposite Earl’s Court Underground station.

As part of Underbelly’s London Wonderground set in the former site of the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, this botanical wonderland is created especially for the Summer 2021. The artists’ takeover is made up of a huge 35-metres mural inspired by local wild flowers, alongside sculptural structures and a floor design reminiscent of ‘Sumer of Love’ colours and echoing the Pleasure Gardens popular in the area during 18th Century. The focus of this installation, however, is on 21 century and our modern considerations of nature in the urban environment.

Inspired by the flora and fauna of Kensington and Chelsea, the area is transformed into a meanwhile space encouraging visitors to enjoy the previously closed site. The Pleasure Garden takeover by Baker & Borowski is part of KCAW Public Art Trail, and marks the opening of the inaugural Kensington + Chelsea Festival. The summer long performing and visual arts programme will run from 21 June to 31 August, and will pop up at Underbelly’s London Wonderground as part of K+C Festival weekender hub at Empress Place.

Baker & Borowski is a partnership between artists and curators Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski, cultivating and commissioning incursions of art into unexpected places.

In 2017 the two artists teamed up to re-conceive the idea of the exhibition space, launching SKIP Gallery – an ongoing series of collaborative, site- specific artworks housed in skips on public sites. United as Baker & Borowski, the duo are on a mission to bring unexpected eruptions of art into the everyday urban landscape.