The Chelsea Look, Roman Lokati

The Chelsea Look, Roman Lokati
6 installations around Chelsea

Zone 7 - Sloane Sq + King's Rd

Sloane Street, Pavilion Rd, Duke of York Sq, Kings Road




18 June - 30 August


We are proud to present Art Trail Open Call finalist artist Roman Lokati’s new body of work titled ‘The Chelsea Look’. Displayed in unexpected locations in Sloane Street, Duke of York Square and the surrounding area, the works are inspired by iconic styles that have emerged over the years from the King’s Road Bazaar to The Chelsea Pensioner, Vivienne Westwood, Mary Quant skirt and Oscar Wilde.

Roman Lokati’s work shows an attempt to link communication, body language and expression in order to explore relationships between people who are in apparent isolation throughout their daily lives.

Roman Lokati studied applied Arts in Cadiz, Spain, and continued in the UK at the London College of Communication, where he studied surface design, textiles, and ceramics. He joined a ceramics studio and started doing figurative work. The ‘Travellers’ series started when he moved to London and began going backwards and forwards between UK and Spain.

“It’s also an internal journey of self-discovery” he states. ‘Travellers’ started in 2009 after completing a print course; he explored different techniques such as linocut or dry point. From two dimensions he moved to a three dimensional space, making iron sculptures. This is how he found his own narrative, his own language to communicate with a global public that understand only too well where
he is coming from.

Lokati’s artistic journey started in 1989, when he was selected by his province, Cadiz, to take part in an important local art festival. The organisers bought all his works, which are now part of the Province of Cadiz’ contemporary art collection. In 1993 he was reselected for the same exhibition. In the London jungle he found the energy he thrives on.

Principal Sponsor: Cadogan.

Public Art Trail continues across the area, with further sculptures displayed in Chelsea, Earl's Court, North Kensington. Follow the trail via our

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