Stefano Puleo solo exhibition: the joy of flamboyant

Stefano Puleo solo exhibition: the joy of flamboyant
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HJ Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Kensington. Specializing in contemporary art and always looking for new talents, the gallery displays
amazing artworks by international artists like Stefano Puleo, Hossein Khosrojerdi, Zhou Zhiwei and Adolf Vallazza.

HJ Art Gallery is delighted to announce the exhibition of some magnificent new works by the Italian artist, Stefano Puleo.

Stefano Puleo is by no means an illustrator. That world of human figures in action, his drawing, has been carried around for ages: it is his world. The world gives him a human
identity in a beautiful time when it is so easy for us to lose our identity.

The painter recognises himself by drawing his human types, men and women. Through the prominent lines, without hesitation, defining the exact mood, sometimes implicitly,
while he is swirling and following the subtle motion of souls. The details of the women in such conscious gestures and unwitting movement are the reflections of beauty or
the mysterious beauty which is distinctively revealed by the sudden yet exquisite brushstrokes; combined with the intimate narratives between the female bodies.

As a painter, and with the mystery that is part of being a painter, he returns everything that he sees and feels with a confident brushstroke and a specific colour, possessing
energy, eros, and luminosity that are the products of a re-elaboration of life and what is visible in the depths of ego, using creative pulsations that come from memory, the present and vision. The ethereal colour, so sanguine and sensual, he uses to construct his female figures certainly does not reach out of the blue. This dawn-like quality amplifies the complexity and softness of the female body, and the golden aura
creates this flamboyant joy that is filled with love, intimacy and passion.