Poetry performance by Júlia Albertoni

Poetry performance by Júlia Albertoni

Zone 8 - Old Chelsea + World's End

302, 304 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9ER, UK




Mon 28 June | 5.30pm


Poetry performance beginning at 5.30pm on Monday 28th June.

An interactive immersive performance by Julia Albertoni, the author of ‘We Emerge’, one of the poems displayed in K&C Art Week. She will be performing a selection of 3 of her poems using Day True space as a backdrop to the themes of renewal and life. Join us and experience poetic ways of reimagining.

Júlia Albertoni is a Brazilian writer living in London. She collects, transforms and shares stories that change us. Whilst writing her first fiction book to be published at the end of 2021, she explores poetic expressions in between languages, cultures and territories. “We Emerge”, the poem chosen to be displayed in K&C Art Week at Day True windows, is about our power of emergence from the cold and metal spaces in the nature of life, so we can find new ways to live, to love, to hope, to imagine, and to fertilize.