Paul Smith: New Paintings

Paul Smith: New Paintings
The Muse Gallery

Zone 1 - North Kensington

269 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LR, UK

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1-11 July
Thu-Sun | 12-6pm


Paul Smith
Are You Leaving For the Country?: New paintings
1-18 July 2021

Paul Smith’s latest paintings are edgeland landscapes dripping with the uncanny. They are landscapes of waiting, instantly recognisable to us all after a year of dwelling within such things. And while we do not see our human protagonists in these ‘empty’ spaces, there is a human presence. It lingers outside the frame, seen in their ruins: graffiti, or a gate left askew, or the eerie remains of a picnicking group. Their subject is the invisible point at which human and non-human intersect: The way things are, these paintings say, is not the way things have always been.

The Muse Gallery & Studio was established as an artist-led organisation set to combine studio practice with an in-house funding stream. Since 2003 The Muse has supported both gallery and studio elements; located in the heart of North Kensington. The Muse hosts an annual residency programme, with group and solo show opportunities designed for recent graduates, alongside a balance of emerging and established professionals.