Our Best Friend (the Dog)

Our Best Friend (the Dog)
Yan Skates

Zone 8 - Old Chelsea + King’s Rd

King's Rd, London SW10 0LJ, UK




on view 24/7


KCAW and the King’s Road Curve present a new floral sculpture installation, in memory of Advisory Board member Sarah Farrugia.

Created by artist and florist Yan Skates, the artwork features a 2metre tall dog, made from discarded materials and living plants. This work is based on the lessons learnt by Skates whilst taking part in Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight, where they were asked to create large scale animals and creatures out of waste and plants.

The work urges us to reimagine the way we live today. Using discarded materials such as water bottles, alongside living plants, the sculpture is a reminder of the urgent issues of pollution and waste, and invites us to think of our own impact on the environment.

The dog, man’s best friend, is a symbol of companionship, but also a fun, recognisable figure that we can all recognise and relate to. It invites us to get close and investigate the work, its unusual materials sparking conversation.