Niamh Birch

Niamh Birch
Lavender Green Flowers

Zone 7 - Sloane Sq + King‘s

239 King's Rd, London SW3 5EJ, UK




Mon - Sat
10am - 6pm


Curator BELLA BONNER-EVANS and the LAVENDER GREEN FLOWERS’ team felt the connections between BIRCH’S work and both the design and ethos of the florist presented a match made in heaven. BIRCH’s work explores the complexities of the objects we place within our interior spaces. Often devoid of figures, the way in which we carefully curate our homes as stand-ins for ourselves comes to the fore in her paintings. She regularly depicts vases of flowers, an image with a notable legacy in the history of
still life painting with which her work engages.


Renowned as one of London’s fi nest florists, creativity, quality and passion are the values that have grown to become our signature. We’re hugely proud of the relationships we’ve cultivated over the past 28 years and our expertise and imaginative ethos consistently sees Lavender Green Flowers produce work for the country’s top galleries, museums and historic houses. From weddings and receptions to private parties and corporate events, our thoughtfully crafted arrangements and installations take inspiration from the latest trends in floristry, fashion and art.