My Yard

My Yard
The Playground Theatre

Zone 1 - North Kensington

8, Latimer Industrial Estate, Latimer Rd, London W10 6RQ, UK




Exhibition 29 June - 7 August
Play | 7 August
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In the summer of 2020 the Grange Farm Estate was soon to be demolished and residents moved on. A group of photographers worked with the young people on the estate who ranged between the ages of 10 - 18 years old.

They created a wonderful joyous and candid look at their life on Grange Farm estate using disposable cameras alongside some videos to commemorate their lives before Grange Farm changed forever. This was turned into a book called GRANGE FARM ESTATE- MY YARD.

Rachel Diamond is the founder of the charity MY YARD which runs a community centre on the estate and summer camps for young people. She said the centre opened, they would "cook, sing, dance, and everything felt like a long warm hug"

Curator Jarelle Francis who is working with KCAW for the third running year, saw the photos and wanted to curate an exhibition documenting the work which will be shown in the cafe/bar of The Playground Theatre. Limited edition prints of the photos will be on sale along with the book- with some of the proceeds going to the charity MY YARD.

This exhibition will culminate in a one off play on Sunday 7th August which will feature the young people from the estate regaling that summer as part of Kensington and Chelsea Festival."