Love Letters & Old Scars

Love Letters & Old Scars
Saira Jamieson at J/M Gallery

Zone 2 - Notting Hill + Holland Park

230 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LJ, UK




28 June-3 July | 11am-6pm
4 July | 11am-5pm


This exhibition of paintings is inspired by the chance discovery of Saira Jaimeson’s long-lost diaries and a further hidden entry glued between pages.

It described a devastating moment of lost hope, a realisation that the freedom she desperately craved, was futile. A buried memory, surfacing like a tornado in her heart. She yearned to speak to this girl, her former self.

So she wrote a love letter of gratitude, for gathering the strength to continue to fight and a promise to her daughter; she would know their history and champion freedom as a basic human right.

As Jamieson explains “It is a love letter to women fighting for freedom; to those that lived to tell their tale, I honour your courage, to those who perished, I honour your scars.”