Liz Rose, Turquoise Mountain

Liz Rose, Turquoise Mountain
New Leighton House

Zone 4 - High St Kensington

12 Holland Park Rd, London W14 8LZ, UK



Evening sessions
24 - 30 Jun | 6-8pm
Afternoon sessions
25 June - 2 July | 3-4pm


Guest speaker: Liz Rose, Creative Project Manager Turquoise Mountain
Guest speaker: Harry Wardill, Managing Director Turquoise Mountain

Ahead of the grand reopening of Leighton House this autumn, visitors will enjoy a sneak peek of the restored historic interiors and the modern wing, including a spectacular contemporary mural. Do come for an afternoon tour or join us in the evening for the chance to listen to one of our guest experts and enjoy a drink in the new café.

Led by our curatorial team, the tours introduce the ambitious Hidden Gem to National Treasure project, that has been recently completed across the modern wing and the museum’s famed historic interiors. Visitors will enjoy a sneak peek of the newly created spaces and key features, including Shahrzad Ghaffari’s spectacular 11-metre-high mural Oneness, on the walls of the new helical staircase.

Running for a limited time only, you can go for an afternoon tour or book an extended session in the evening with a guest expert who will discuss specific aspects of the redevelopment, with a chance to ask questions at the end. In collaboration with Kensington and Chelsea Art Week.

About Liz Rose, Creative Project Manager, Turquoise Mountain

Turquoise Mountain is a non-profit organisation founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas, communities and traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride. As part of the transformative Hidden Gem to National Treasure redevelopment, Leighton House partnered with the Turquoise Mountain Foundation on the design and production of a unique suite of furniture for the new wing, including the visitor reception desk, display units for the shop and counter for the new café. Hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans from Syria and now based in Amman (Jordan) Turquoise Mountain has been working with these makers since 2006 to help re-establish supply chains and markets for their work.

About Harry Wardill, Managing Director, Turquoise Mountain

Harry first joined Turquoise Mountain in 2009, designing and project managing the delivery of a number of buildings for the Afghan Institute for Arts and Architecture in Kabul. After completing a scholarship with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and working for the Prince's Regeneration Trust, he returned to the organisation in 2014 as Country Director for Myanmar to set up the project there. Harry studied engineering at Cambridge University and spent the early part of his career working as a structural engineer in London, where is he became a Chartered Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers.

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Evening sessions, 6-8pm £25 per person (no concessions)

Friday 24 June, 6-8pm
Guest speaker: Meg Andrews, Antique Textiles consultant

Wednesday 29 June, 6-8pm
Guest speaker: David Artis, Architect Director, BDP

Tuesday 28 June, 6-8pm
Guest speaker: Liz Rose, Creative Project Manager Turquoise Mountain

Thursday 30 June, 6-8pm
Guest speaker: Harry Wardill, Managing Director Turquoise Mountain

Afternoon sessions, 3-4pm £20 per person (no concessions)

Saturday 25 June, 3-4pm
Monday 27 June, 3-4pm
Tuesday 28 June, 3-4pm
Wednesday 29 June, 3-4pm
Friday 1 July, 3-4pm
Saturday 2 July, 3-4pm