Light Messages for Your Soul

Light Messages for Your Soul
Lauren Baker

Zone 7 - Sloane Sq + King's Rd




From Pavilion Rd and Duke of York Sq, throughout Chelsea
On view 24/7

about the artist

Lauren Baker is an experimental artist whose practice expands across multiple disciplines and mediums to address the vastness of the universe. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, the artist uses light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aims to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world.

For KCAW21, Baker presents a series of her signatures neon installations, which portray the power of energy through poetic typographic and celestial chakra artworks. Displayed in unexpected locations, in Sloane Square, Duke of York Square and the surrpunding area, the works inspire passers-by to contemplate life, joy, existence with works inspired by their location. The poetical installations also resonate with the artist’s favourite local icons including Vivienne Westwood, The Beatles and Oscar Wilde.

With phrases such as ‘The Answer is Inside’ and ‘Expect Magic and Miracles’, Baker’s works are designed to inspire an upgrade in mindset through positive mantras and affirmations. Their messages encourage us to reimagine the situation we are living in now, to reimagine our thoughts, to look inwards, to transmute darkness and to evolve our consciousness. The goal is to create unity, joy and to have a beautiful impact in the world.

Conceptually grounded but also aesthetically striking, her work involves making the unseen seen. Baker’s visual style is often built around emitting or reflecting light. A sense of mystery and emergence - of connecting with something beyond or much bigger than our own immediate world - pulsates throughout her work.

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