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KO Art & Antiques
From Appearance to Exposure

Zone 7 - Sloane Sq + King's Rd

67A York St, London W1H 1QA, UK




Mon - Sun
Noon - 7pm


KO Art & Antiques is pleased to present From Appearance to Exposure, a group exhibition featuring emerging contemporary artists Sina Sophia Schmidt, Louise Reynolds, Yaya Yajie Liang, and Kirin Crooks. This exhibition acts as an interrogative space, contemplating our relationship with the notion of ‘performance’ and how through this, we reveal our true selves to the world, as both consumers and
contributors to a contemporary cultural production of collective resonance.

From Appearance to Exposure explores the transformative journey we undergo, as we attempt to internally adapt to new external stimuli in a world that is in a constant state of flux. Between the chaotic noise and deafening silence, our complex existence continues to unfold, act by act, and scene by scene, with ourselves as actor and audience becoming ever more invested in the performance. This exhibition attempts to detect our dual role as practitioners and participants. How do we engage with a performance that involves us confronting all elements of human nature, both the shadow and the light? What does this exposure offer; pain or hope? Where do we go from here? These are examples of the philosophical insights we must apply to our present selves to determine the direction of our collective future. From Appearance to Exposure hopes to initiate these dialogues.