Zone 1 - North Kensington

Acava Maxilla Walk Studios, 4 Maxilla Walk, London W10 6NQ, UK



25 - 27 June
PV Fri 25 June | 4-8pm



This duo exhibit combines the abstract and surreal artwork of @koscmaciek with the nonobjective, smooth representation of form shown in @g_dymockart’s work

Inspired by the increasingly pressing politics of the body and the complexities that surround representations of form, IN REVERIE: Part 2 considers how we position the body in space in relation to other beings, especially at a time when we have been separated from others for so long.

Foremost on the minds of the artists are the ways in which they can adapt the body to their preferred forms and styles. Be it through digital manipulation before painting, or fast-paced application of paint touched up with minute details, the works in this exhibition are constantly in conversation with not only each other, but also those who enter the space - selecting and responding to different identities, physicality’s and individuals.

The distorted bodies and fantasies presented in this exhibition are carefully constructed representations of the artists’ own minds capes. The exhibition touches on our own relationships with our bodies, our insecurities and positions.

This exhibition is shown concurrently with IN REVERIE: Part 1, and thus responds also to the surreal and playful imaginations of those artists.

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