Gormley, Philip King + Du Cunha

Gormley, Philip King + Du Cunha
Notting Dale Campus

Zone 2 - Notting Hill + Holland Park

Notting Dale Campus, Breakers Place, London W11 4AN, UK



Gallery Open
Mon - Fri 11am - 5pm
Outdoor Sculpture
on view 24/7


A truly original campus created for extraordinary people, Notting Dale Campus is set around the RIBA award winning open space of Breaker’s Place. An unrivalled and striking contemporary art collection by world famous artists weaves through the campus, truly setting it apart from any other working environment in London.

Outdoor art includes sculpture by Antony Gormley; Philip King and Du Cunha in Breaker’s Place and are on view 24/7.

The collection spans a wide range of eras, media and styles, from Jeff Koons’ Baroque Egg with Bow which sits proudly in The Yellow Building atrium alongside work by David Hockney, to Damien Hirst’s famous ‘spot painting’ in The George Building and specially commissioned sculpture by Philip King, Tra La La.

The campus’ latest piece comes from Angel of the North sculptor Antony Gormley. Entitled ‘Root’ it represents a new development in the artist’s practice.

Creativity plays an important role in the campus’s spirit and the evolving collection keeps this alive with celebrated curators continuing to source and add to it.

Breaker’s Place, Evesham
Street, W11 4AN