Charlotte Colbert, Cellular Amulet

Charlotte Colbert, Cellular Amulet
13 Bramley Road

Zone 1 - North Kensington

Chrysalis Ltd, 13 Bramley Rd, London W10 6UX, UK




18 June - 30 August


The amulet piece was designed during lockdown as an interactive and protective sculpture. Inspired by the shape of white blood cells, which form the immune system, it protects: a talisman holding an apotropaic function. Its scale and playful reflective surface remind us that ultimate protection is born of play and togetherness.

Language, psychoanalysis, and socio-political constructions of gender and identity are at the heart of Colbert’s practice. Spanning film, photography, ceramics and sculpture, she questions narrative structures and storytelling, weaving surreal and fantastical mise-en-scenes in a documentarian approach to characters. Fiction becomes a way to approach the truth and the most intimate emotions. Straddling the fine line between fine art and film, Colbert’s films have strong philosophical undertones and play on
questions of time, space and identity. They are often dark and surreal with a hint of comedy.