Black Utopia

Black Utopia
508 Gallery

Zone 8 - Old Chelsea + King's Rd

508 King's Rd, London SW10 0LD, UK




21 June - 1 July
Tue–Sat | 10am–6pm


Heit Gallery x 508 Gallery presents: “Black Utopia” a fine art series by Mike Gray.
All works available for purchase.

"The reasoning behind naming the series Black Utopia, is the perfection of the world I create for each image. My goal as an artist was to put African American people in positions you normally wouldn’t see them in during the respected time period. Beauty, Happiness, Vulnerability, and Freedom are four stand out words to describe the feeling of Black Utopia. I’ve never been a fan of how my people are portrayed publicly, which is why I plan to push the envelope & continue to create for change. This is the world I envision for black people. “