Autonomous Morris

Autonomous Morris
Zak Ové

Zone 4 - High St Kensington

224-238 Kensington High St, London W8 6AG, UK



on view 24/7


KCAW is proud to collaborate with artist Zak Ové and the Design Museum to bring a public installation of Ové’s sculpture, Autonomous Morris.

Standing at approximately 3-metres high, Autonomous Morris is a monumental sculpture made from deconstructed and collaged vintage car parts, welded together to produce a futuristic yet retro, cross-cultural totemic mask.

Autonomous Morris is a motorised ‘Macco’ – a person who involves themselves in other people’s business for the purpose of gossip and posterity. Ové’s sculpture references his interest in the sculptural aspects of cars, using them to represent geographical movement, historical documentation, protection and nostalgia.

The sculpture is entirely made from discarded car parts including several vintage Morris Minor bonnets,
referencing the assumed British tradition of Morris Dancing, which in reality came to the UK courtesy of the Moors. As an unwitting monument to the recent news that the last VW Beetle is to roll off the production line next year, the sculpture’s organic lines and animated filmic representations add to the cultural potency of the material.

“I’m fascinated by ideas around time travel, the spread of diaspora and the positive effects of colliding cultures. My sculpture highlights my belief in the power or play embodied in masquerade, to liberate a sense of self and provide an alternate or evolving creative space both personal and communal. Autonomous Morris soaks up contemporary oral history and information, recording and storing as a ‘never forgetterer’. He listens to your aspirations, your pride, joy and anguish, acting as a receiver and archiver of memory.”
– Zak Ové