Asmaa Alanbari: Gilgamesh

Asmaa Alanbari: Gilgamesh
Institut Français

Zone 5 - South Kensington

17 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2DT, UK




Fri 2 July | 4-8pm with live music at 6pm
Sat 3 July + Sun 4 July | 3-7pm

Asmaa Alanbari is an exhibition curator interested in telling the stories of communities through immersive experiences. She directs the interplay of light, colour, form and sound, bringing to life plans of the imagination into three dimensions.

Her new exhibition ‘Gilgamesh’ (2,500 BC Babylon, Iraq) fuses painting, video projections and music to reinterpret the ancient myth in a contemporary way. Here she collaborates with Alya Al-Sultani, composer and performer, in inviting the public to get immersed in ‘light and sound paintings’.

Alanbari’s work is anchored in a number of postgraduate degrees in art, architecture and urban economics. Being Iraqi, French and British, she believes that art and culture are powerful tools in advancing intercultural dialogue and in subverting stereotypes. She co-curated the “In Between Show” at Saatchi Gallery (2015), a celebration of people who do not conform to societal clichés and expectations. Her approach is multisciplinary; when she is not painting or directing cultural events she can be found advising clients on growing their contemporary art collection.