Anna Choutiva

Anna Choutiva
Farm Fetch

Zone 8 - Old Chelsea + Worlds End

Green & Stone, 259 King's Rd, London SW3 5EL, UK




Mon - Sat 11am - 7pm


Curator BELLA BONNER-EVANS and the FARM-FETCH Team are excited to bring CHOUTOVA’S work into the space as an act of both artistic intrigue and ironic humour.

She depicts foodstuffs in a realistic manor, mirroring the artisan products that line FARMFETCH’s shelves, yet hers remain out of reach as artworks, devoid of the sustenance we associate with these goods. Her painterly detail and penchant for light-hearted fun leave us with pieces that are quietly beautiful whilst not taking themselves too seriously.

At Farm-Fetch we are all about tradition, quality, passion and love for excellent food.

We know that a great meal is a divine experience which can take you to another place, and at Farm-Fetch we’re taking you from London, to each and every small village in Italy and Spain where we source our products. Everything we choose to put on our menu is carefully selected by us, directly from small-scale local producers across different regions we have visited in Italy. We want to pass on the trust we have in our producers to you, our customers.