Notting Dale Campus

Zone 2 - Notting Hill + Holland Park

Notting Dale Campus, Breakers Place, London W11 4AN, UK




The original public art on Breaker’s Place, Notting Dale Campus
The earliest piece of art in Breaker’s Place, standing proud in front of The Yellow Building.

Brazilian born, London based artist da Cunha (b. 1969) creates sculptures and paintings that play with and distort the concept of the ‘readymade’, inviting us to reconsider our surroundings and the objects we think of as familiar. His interest also lies in the notion of monumentality, the relationship between public and gallery-based sculpture and the transformation of found materials. This specially commissioned permanent work for the site allowed da Cunha to not only continue these investigations but gave the artist an opportunity to explore them within a public context for the first time.

MIX takes the form of a reclaimed concrete mixer drum placed on top of a distinctive concrete plinth - its point of departure stems from the materiality of the site itself and the newly constructed buildings which use concrete as a primary material.

This use of concrete also reflects on da Cunha’s own Brazilian heritage, a country in which the material has played a significant role in both art and architecture. The sculpture plays with tropes of public art display, but primarily with the relationship between the plinth and object, the former traditionally functioning as support for the work of art. The large concrete plinth standing at 2.5m high becomes equal in presence to the monumentally-sized concrete drum looming above, whilst the drum itself is reclaimed and is coated in red-oxide paint – the coating used to prepare metals for use in building projects.

Its central location and references to construction and changing forms continue to shift as the landscape surrounding it has evolved over the last nine years.

A Truly original campus created for extraordinary people.
Set around the focal point of Breaker’s place, each building has its own character and purpose.
An unrivalled and striking contemporary art collection by world famous artists adorns the Notting Dale Campus, truly setting it apart from any other working environment in London.

The collection spans a wide range of eras, media and styles, from Jeff Koons’ Baroque Egg with Bow which sits proudly in The Yellow Building atrium alongside work by David Hockney, to Damien Hirst’s famous ‘spot painting’ in The George Building and specially commissioned sculpture by Philip King, Tra La La at the heart of the campus in Breaker’s Place.

Creativity plays an important role in the campus’s spirit and the evolving collection keeps this alive with celebrated curators continuing to source and add to it.