A Flower of the Mountain

A Flower of the Mountain
508 Gallery

Zone 8 - Old Chelsea + King's Rd

508 King's Rd, London SW10 0LD, UK




Exhibition 7 June - 6 July
Tue–Sat : 10am–6pm



A Flower of the Mountain is the title of a series of paintings by Philip Maltman and takes its name from James Joyce’s Ulysses, which has been a favourite book and source of inspiration for decades. Such inspiration becomes the anchor for a floral explosion of paint that allows an improvised response to his passion for Joyce, painting, the vagaries of landscape, the colour and time.

Poetry Corner
The 508 Gallery is also part of 2022 Poetry Corner.
Poet: Mr. Lisp
Poem: Thrive and Survive
Read it here: www.kcaw.co.uk/poetry-corner-2022

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